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Posted on December 17, 2017

I can’t believe it is the 17th of December already. Time flies… So in just 7 days it will be the big day. At least in Denmark where we celebrate Christmas on the 24th in the evening. I lived in England for 7 years so I have tried celebrating Christmas on the 25th as well. Actually it has happened we have celebrated Christmas on both days sometimes!

I haven’t got a mantelpiece or fireplace yet. Unfortunately, I would love to have on of those. So this year I decided to decorate my white, IKEA chest of drawers in the living room and just pretend I did have a pretty, mantel piece. This would be the focal point for my Christmas decorations. I call it “the very faux mantel piece”. Colours have always been a love of mine, so while browsing the local hobby shop I tried to decide on what would look nice together. I came across these small, rustic, light decorations in bronze and found some thick, thread in the same colour. A couple of minutes later a couple of mint coloured candles caught my eye and I had an idea for theme and colour.

The rust coloured reindeer was already on my “to buy list” so that one was easy. Then I bought some beige DIY letters that I painted with several layers of J’eanne D’arc’s chalkpaint in the colour bronze. Nice Saturday morning project while both my boys were still sleeping (both the boyfriend and my 9-year-old son). The bronze paint has a nice shiny texture that completely transformed the boring looking letters.

In my local hobby shop they also have lots of different papers which only cost 10 Danish Kroner/ €1.3/ £1.2/ $1.5 per piece. I think they are supposed to be used for scrapbooks. But that is the wonderful thing about DIY. You can use things for a completely different purpose than intended. I put the soft, mint coloured piece of paper, with the white butterfly, in a frame that I already had at home – so pleased to see it was the perfect size. The frame is a RIBBA frame from Ikea, for price go to DK UK US. I promise you it is very affordable. It was the perfect size for my 12″x12″ print with the insert. It is such a good idea if you are on a tight budget but would like some artwork on your walls. It is also super easy to update your walls with new, cheap prints/papers from your hobby shop.

Next Christmas I am hoping to wow you with a real mantel piece but for now I will have to go with the very faux kind. We will soon be heading out for an afternoon with the family, eating Danish doughnuts and drinking glögg (Scandinavian Christmas punch). Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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