Chair on the cheap & dreaming of a white Christmas

Posted on November 29, 2017

I hope you guys have had a nice week so far and that you are taking the time to do some of the things that you love. Paint seems to be my escapism these days. Paint transforms things. It can make an unloved, thrift store furniture go from bland to beautiful in a day. The good thing about vintage furniture is you can often find it cheap if you are patient and by restoring it you make it into something of your own. One of a kind.

I have continued my quest for finding really cheap furniture that I could upcycle. This time it only cost me 25 Danish kroner/£3 /$4 /€ 3.5 and the seats were in need of some serious glue. I think for the next chair I paint (I have four) I will buy some primer to use first as it took me almost 4 coats to cover the very dark wood underneath. I’m sorry I couldn’t help it I had to decorate the chair with the white garland. It is almost the first of December and I’m humming away Christmas tunes already.

The paint colour for the chair is a “warm cream”. I use the Jeanne d’Arc Vintage Paint. Just personal preference (and I am not sponsored for this post). I have also used the Annie Sloan paints but found the texture a bit nicer and thinner with Jeanne d’Arc. Although Annie Sloan have amazing colours! You should check them out, just know that the paint is quite thick. I used some light grey wax where I wanted to highlight the details in the chair and used clear wax for the rest. The chair got a “bit of fur” and then it was all done.

Link for Jeanne D’Arc Vintage Paint retailers around the world:
Link for Annie Sloan stockists:

This is what the chair looked like before:

Colours have always been my thing but it was nice to embrace the almost monochrome feeling with this project. I have learned that you should never underestimate the simplicity of a white chair. I am all ready for the snow now.

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