Green, Jungle Christmas

Posted on December 9, 2017

I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday. It’s a magical time of year right now. Lights are up in people’s yards filling the darkness with a festive mood. It’s the time for candle lights, warm blankets and hot beverages. Beautiful decorations are up everywhere in our home, our city streets and shops and some people have gone big and lit up houses and pieces of lands with the most beautiful Christmas landscape.

However, when you live in the North (Denmark) like I do it is also the time for winter depression and tiredness. Today I will give you my advice, from someone who knows a bit about winter sadness, on possible ways of coping. People suggests walks, making sure to go outside and get some light when it is there and of course vitamins (especially the important vitamin D). This is all perfectly good advice that I would definitely pass on. However, I got something else that seemed to work for me on top of all the other things. Creating your own indoor jungle. This is something that has become more and more popular. I think it is because so many of us have moved into the cities, cut of from the nature in which we belong, and by creating our own “nature” inside we feel better.

As soon as the beautiful autumn leaves turn brown I already start to miss green leaves and colours in general. Last year I came home with one pachira money tree plant that suddenly turned into me having a house of greens. To me there is nothing better than Christmas decorations and bright, green plants. So this week my plant friends and I decided to have a celebration. A golden, green and soft yellow kind of Christmas with a pine tree scented candle, gilded pine cones and of course a happy Christmas pillow.

If you don’t have a green thumb then fake plants are perfectly fine too. I have some, especially for outside, as I tend to forget to get the outside ones watered.

This week I painted the chair below. It was an almost fluorescent, shiny, red colour that didn’t go well with the rest of my interior.

The chair was in almost perfect condition for being secondhand so I didn’t sand it or anything, just went right to the painting. I gave it 3 coats of paint which is a bit more than normal due to the very red colour. I used J’eanne d’Arc Living’s vintage paint in the colour “Forest Green”. I have to say it is an amazing colour! So pleased with the look of it.

Then I have some green, jungle Christmas and forest inspiration for you guys:

Links (from left to right):
1. H&M Home cushion – UK  (I am afraid this one is sold out online for DK and US – have a look in your local H&M Home shop) Or for same cushion different colour: DK US
2. Ikea Gladom side table – DK UK US
3. Ikea Smycka wreath – DK UK US
4. H&M Home candle – UK (Sold out online in DK and US. Have a look in your local H&M Home shop or take a look at this great alternative US DK)
5. Ikea PS 2017 throw – DK UK US
6. Ikea Strandmon armchair – DK UK (not available in UK, alternative) US (not available in US, alternative)

I would also recommend Urban Jungle Bloggers book: “Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants” if you wish to dive into this lovely subject some more.

Now go hang out with your “green” friends or enjoy that big, beautiful Christmas tree of yours (if it has been put up yet).

Lots of love,


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