Green, Spring Tray & Confessions Vol. 1

Posted on March 7, 2018

A few days ago all of sudden snow decided to drop from the sky in massive amounts and when I look outside my window it is still everywhere. So my lovely new bistro set has had to stay inside until spring appears. Hopefully soon. Although I had a chance to make myself a little, light green tray to get in the upcoming Easter holiday mood.

It all started with a cheap, wooden tray I found in the local arts and crafts shop for 35 DKK / £4.20 / $5.80. Depending on the tray you get it might be a good idea to sand down any rough edges. I didn’t think of this until later but wish I had done that for an even sleeker look. I used a primer and gave tray one coat of paint. After waiting according to the instructions on the bucket I lightly sanded the whole thing and gave it two coats of Jotun Lady’s interior paint in the colour “Soft Teal”. To give the tray more of a personal appeal I finished the whole thing off by adding some golden thread also purchased at the arts and crafts shop.

What you’ll need:

A wooden tray
Paint primer
Sandpaper fine grain
Paint in your choice of colour
Golden thread of your liking
A couple of smaller paint brushes

I am pretty keen to get the lemonade and chair cushions out soon. Simply can’t wait! The yellow candle I purchased in H&M Home – DK UK US (Alternative citrus candle for US) The paint I bought from Juton Lady 6350 – Soft Teal – DK. It has a silky mat shine. Buy here in DK. Similar colours buy here in UK (Dulux – Mint Macaroon) US (Benjamin Moore – Misty Teal).

When I follow other bloggers I always wonder what kind of lives they have lived and how they are as people. Sometimes they share and sometimes not, and that is all just fine. However, I have come across some very brave bloggers sharing their struggles and most private moments and it inspired me. So I wanted to open up a bit more. I use quite strong colours sometimes and I wanted to share a little bit with you guys about what colours mean to me.

So in the autumn/winter of 2016 I experienced a lack of colours which is quite normal for this time of year in Denmark. But this year it was really grey and dull. I started to get flu like symptoms. Actually I would have these symptoms on and off for 6 months after that. Although gradually getting better. I was feeling sick, tired and dizzy all the time. I couldn’t sleep at night and my food consumption consisted of only an apple some days. I felt really sick physically and got skinnier and skinnier until I could barely recognize myself. But guess what was wrong with me? Depression and stress. I didn’t get it, although I had racing thoughts and my mind seemed very unwell, I never knew depression could be so physical as well. Both my mind and body felt sick.

Colours have always been important to me. They remind me of all the good things in life and how varied the world is that we live in. One can communicate so many different things with colours, create a certain feeling or mood. They remind me to stay strong on the days where I feel the echoes of having had a severe depression. They give me hope.

If any of you lovely guys are struggling with depression/anxiety/stress or any other mental illness. Know you have my full sympathy. And know that you are not alone. The world is filled with people suffering in silence. I do hope that you have found something that brings you joy and helps you to cope on the difficult days. Otherwise I am sure you will if you just hang in there on the difficult days. At least for me time was the biggest healing factor. But do make sure you seek help if you are struggling to manage as I experienced no progress until starting treatment!

Sending you all lots of love, sunshine and happy thoughts. If any of you would like to share your stories I would love to hear from you.

Much love,



Depression hotline Denmark: +45 33 12 47 74

Samaritan’s free of charge helpline in United Kingdom: 116 123

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (for people in emotional distress) in the United States:1-800-273-8255

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  1. Lindsay
    8th March 2018

    Love this! What a cute idea! Puts me in the mood for Spring 😉

    • linnagron
      8th March 2018

      Aww thanks so much! Happy to hear you also felt the indoor spring vibes like I did 😀


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