Ikea Hack: Ready for Spring with my Blue-Green Step Stool

Posted on January 29, 2018

Hey lovely people. How are you guys coping with January? I am currently waiting for spring. It feels like it is just around the corner and I miss it dearly. I miss all its vibrant colours and its green, crunchy leaves unfolding like lots of small miracles. When the beech bursts into leaf I have to say that is when I truly feel alive. Every year it is a tradition for me to taste a few of the fresh, mint-coloured beech leaves. You can actually use them for salads when they are still fresh. I think the beech leaves are so special to me because they remind me of my childhood. I used to be looked after by a couple living in an old, lovely farmhouse. I would go there after school and sometimes help out on the farm, other times play in the rooms of their huge house. The sweet couple had lots of beech trees on their land and they taught me to my big surprise that you could eat the leaves in spring. Don’t you just love beautiful childhood memories?

So this week with spring and happy memories in mind I decided to Ikea hack my step stool. I chose a green-blue colour (called “fusion”) which definitely has some nice jungle vibes to it. For the paint I chose a matte texture for safety reasons. My son, who is 9 years old, still uses it quite a bit in the kitchen and you know boys. Careful is not their middle name  😉 So I wanted to make sure it wasn’t slippery for him to use when he is getting his cereal and crisps in the early and late hours of the day.

For link to Ikea Bekväm Step StoolDK UK US At the cheap price of 79 kr/ £13 /$19.99

I started out with applying some white primer and then ever so slightly sanded the stool to get the surface even and ready for the paint. It took two coats of the paint and after that just a couple of small patches needed done. I recommended you paint the stool upside down first and then standing up as it normally does after that. That way you won’t miss anything and you’ll finish with the most important part of the piece, the top bit. Here is the finished result:

So far I am happy with my oil-based Jotun Lady paint. It seems very durable and easy to use but will keep you updated on how it holds op. I am still in love with chalk paint and I am also doing a bigger dining room table project as well right now. Excited about sharing that with you guys in the near future. The nice thing about chalk paint is that it hardly has any smell but oil-based paint has a different texture that I adore just as much, but for different reasons. The chalk paint has a beautiful matte texture whereas the oil-based paint I use come in all kinds of textures, from matte to super glossy.

Paint Ideas:

  1. 1. Jotun Kvist- Kvist- og sperregrunning (the primer) – 159.95 kr. DK
  2. 2. Jotun Lady Supreme Finish 05 in the colour Fusion – 249.95 kr. DK
  3. 3. Jotun Lady colour sample: Fusion DK
  4. 4. Benjamin Moore in the colour: Hidden Sapphire US
  5. 5. Benjamin Moore in the colour: Beau Green US
  6. 6. Dulux in the colour: Proud Peacock UK

Because my stepping stool is standing in my extremely white kitchen (it might actually blind you if you let it 😛 ) I decided for it to be colourful and a bit darker than some of the colours I normally use. When it comes to decor it is a good idea to keep a balance between light and dark colours. Of course you can come across the most beautiful room in only light colours or a cozy, cave-like room in mostly blacks. But as a rule of thumb it is nice to keep harmony in your choice of light and dark colours. I certainly like how the green-bluee stool “breaks” some of all the white in my kitchen. It feels warmer and less clinical (My kitchen is laminate so not much warmth to it. White, painted wood seems to have a warmer feel in my oppinion.)

The two pink, bottles are actually a vintage find from an independent thrift store in a coastal town in Denmark when my boyfriend and I went away a few weeks ago. Is it just me or can fresh, coastal air cure almost anything? The two bottles are slightly different shades of pink but sometimes the beauty is in something not being perfect. The small cashmere cololured vase is from Ikea and so is the mint coloured one. The white tray I have bought in my local grocery shop and I like how it has got a mirror build into it and is slightly distressed.

There are freshly cut flowers in vases standing everywhere in my house right now. It is wonderful and the good thing is that I do remember to stop and smell the “roses”  😉 Sometimes happiness is in the small things. Oh, and am I the only who has already started browsing patio furniture? Bring on hot, teas and tasty, lemonade while relaxing on the terrace.

Lots of love,



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