Kitchen Corner Makeover: My Relationship with Food

Posted on February 22, 2018

Happy Thursday! We have escaped everyday life and headed to the sea. The weather might not be fantastic this time of year but sand, water and coastal vibes are healing in itself. I love when there is time to nice & slowly prepare some food in great company (even if it just is the easiest meal in the world) and drink some wine.

This leads me on to the subject of this week’s blog. How is your relationship with food? For quite a while I didn’t have the best relationship with food. For simple reasons. I had nausea and was feeling dizzy all the time. So I lost a lot of weight. Before that I used to enjoy cooking, at least occasionally, and I was eating healthy most of the time. But after experiencing feeling sick all the time and loathing food I did get back to eating again but not healthy in any way. For almost a year my diet consisted of white bread, chocolate and white rice & pasta. Nothing wrong with any of these but if it is your main diet it really isn’t the most nutritious food. Instead of “forcing myself” to get back to the healthy eating I let time pass. I had a feeling one day it would come natural and not feel forced. In my experience forcing things in your life too much normally won’t get the result you hope for. Although, this very much depends on the situation. Sometimes you have to get yourself out of the bed on the hard days for example and in order to achieve this you might need to “force” yourself in some way.

However, my situation with food improved in its own time. I woke up one morning and felt like eating just a little bit healthier. The kitchen became a place where food was not just poured from containers (sometimes I still do, I have a child so on a busy day I still rush it) and it felt great. To help things along and to feel better about food and my kitchen as a whole I decided to do a little, makeover in a small corner of my kitchen next to the stove.

I set out to buy quality herbs and oils to remind myself to be good to my own body and to fuel it with nutritious foods. A bit of everyday luxury is certainly underrated. Because of my love for aesthetics I of course looked for items that were pleasing to the eye and interesting.

Here are the links for the things I bought:

  1. 1. Small, wooden tray, H&M Home, Dark Wood DK UK US
  2. 2. Plant pot, H&M Home, Silver, DK UK US (US, on sale right now)
  3. 3. Fejka artificial plant, IKEA DK UK US
  4. 4. Krustad side plate, IKEA, light grey DK UK US (Alternative, Arv side plate)
  5. 5. Herbes de Provence, Mill & Mortar DK
  6. 6. Spice Mill, IKEA, Acacia DK UK US


Have you been on diets? I haven’t done a lot of diets but I have done a sugar detox for a few months 5 years ago. It did change how addicted I was to sugar. I felt better, but it also lead to a lifestyle of running, cutting out carbs completely and restricting myself too much. I wanted to do something good for myself and to an extent I succeeded but I also learned that I needed a more holistic approach. I could fuel my body with all the right foods but if my mind was unhappy I was never really getting anywhere. So what I have learned so far is too much restriction probably isn’t the way forward, for me at least. We are all different. In my current situation I am trying to get back to eating healthy but I have also promised myself that a delicious brownie or banana milkshake will be part of my life. The immense joy one can get from the most beautiful and tasty cake in the world will also affect one’s health. So my advice is to do what makes you happy. Do what is right for you.

These days it seems that people either think they are eating too much, too little or not the right thing. I will never forget the day my 4-year-old-son came home from school and told me he thought he was fat. Thankfully it was just a phase that passed but I never had thoughts like that as a child and it seems kids these days are exposed to many more opinions about food than my generation was.

When I started feeling better after being sick for the first time in my life I liked my mummy belly. Health definitely doesn’t have to be a fitness body. I felt healthy and happy with my mummy belly. I was not skin and bones anymore. It did put a lot of things in perspective for me. Health is different to all of us and I really hope you listen to yourself (not everyone else’s opinion) and find out what health is to you and how you would like to live your life. Remember to enjoy food, love & life. And bon appetit to all of you!

Lots of love from the sand dunes,


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