Mirror Makeover: How to Get that Weathered & Beachy Look with Dry Brushing

Posted on February 11, 2018

Hello to all you amazing people joining me on my blog today. I really appreciate you taking the time visit.

For quite a while now I have wanted to try out the “dry brushing” technique for painting furniture. The technique is quite simple. By using a dry paint brush and only loading it with very little paint you end up getting quite the nice patina. My lovely mum recently gave me an old Ikea mirror when cleaning out the attic and I thought this could be the perfect candidate for a dry brushing experiment. The frame on it wouldn’t take long to paint over should I completely mess it up! Luckily that didn’t happen.

I started out painting the thin frame with two coats of J’eanne d’Arc’s Vintage Paint in the colour “soft linen” which is a medium grey colour. Going from the raw, old wood to the grey colour was quite a transformation in itself but it still lacked character. The frame still seemed insignificant in some way. So that takes us to the dry brushing. The important thing to remember when doing dry brushing is to make sure your brush is completely dry and start out with loading only a small amount of paint on the brush. Then you take a paper towel and dab off the excess paint. It is better to take too much off rather than too little. You can always go back and add more paint.

A few tips and tricks for the dry painting process:

  • Start out with long brush strokes. After that use the brush in various directions to get even more texture and to blend the paint better.
  • If you happen to get a blob of paint don’t worry. You can wipe it off with a paper towel. If a dry one is not enough use a slightly wet one and the paint should come right off. If the paint has dried you take your base colour (in this tutorial it it the “soft linen”) and paint it over. Then you do the dry brushing (with “warm cream”) again.
  • It is a good idea to step away a few times when you dry brush to see the overall look of the piece. It is difficult to see if some areas need more paint when you are up close.
  • Have fun with it! And remember the good thing about paint. You can always paint it over if you are not happy with the initial result.

I normally tend to use J’enne D’Arc Living’s Vintage Paint but I know many of you use Annie Sloan, so I have added the paint colours for that one as well.

  1. 1. J’eanne d’Arc, Vintage Paint, Soft Linen DK UK (contact shop to inquire about paint) US (no online shop)
  2. 2. J’eanne d’Arc Vintage Paint, Warm Cream DK UK (contact shop to inquire about paint) US (no online shop)
  3. 3. Annie Sloan, French Linen (similar to Soft Linen) DK UK US
  4. 4. Annie Sloan, Original (similar to Warm Cream) DK UK US (pure white)

So in preparation for the approaching summer, let’s create a beachy feel inside. Are you ready for the dancing bare-food on the beach kind of mood? You know the one where you imagine the feeling of soft sand under your feet and see the dark, blue sea exceeding far out in the horizon. And as you sit there in your summer dress and collect pebbles you could very well be daydreaming away. In a perfect moment of warmth and happiness. Am I the only one who is ready for summer and fun beach times in February? Sorry I was the little, girl who grew up listening to the Beach Boys so I might have gotten slightly carried away now.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend everyone. Whether or not you will be enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland outside (I am a fan of that one too) or dancing to the Beach Boys in your bare feet.

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  1. Lindsay
    12th February 2018

    Beautiful transformation! It looks so good!

    • linnagron
      12th February 2018

      Thanks so much, Lindsay ! It makes me happy to hear you like it 💙


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