New Year’s Eve Glam: Rose Gold Bar Cart

Posted on December 31, 2017

Today it will be the end of 2017. I think we should all celebrate in style. I’m definitely not the richest of “them all”. Not even close. So I won’t be able to afford the big splurge. Luckily, luxury don’t have to cost a fortune. I think we all deserve to be spoiled sometimes. We all deserve glam and luxury in our life once in a while. Especially tonight.

This is actually the post that almost didn’t happen. My spray paint project didn’t go quite the way I had anticipated. But I simply loved the colour of my Rose Gold Bar Cart so much that I had to show you guys! I promise I will get back to you with a much better crafted spray paint project at later date. Until then I have decided that my kitchen trolley is rustic & industrial with a great patina 😛 And like one of my old lecturers often used to say: you learn the most from your mistakes. I used to study art photography and when the developing process of our film went completely haywire my lecturer got all excited and asked the students to come over so we could to a closer look at what went wrong and learn from it.

So far with this project I have learned that spray paint takes a bit of getting used to and that my universal primer probably wasn’t such a good idea. The process of applying the primer was… well a catastrophe and the actual paint was… just a small catastrophe but still a catastrophe nonetheless 😉 I knew from the start that I wanted to avoid the paint running. This didn’t happen. I also wanted to get the surface just remotely even. That didn’t happen either. So double oops. My primer decided to dry into what looks like small dust particles all over the surface. Although it didn’t show its ugly head until I used the rose gold paint. Next time I will leave longer between the primer and the paint. Lesson learned. Lots of lessons learned with this one. (Like for example always remember to shake well before using the spray paint. If in doubt just keep shaking. It normally says on the aerosol for how long and you will not want to take a shortcut with this one. And use several thin layers of paint using soft back an forth motions.)

However, on to the good news. I LOVE the Rose Gold (copper) colour and I will definitely be using it in the future. Probably for a much smaller and more contained project. Did I forget to mention that I had to put plastic over my entire front room because of the mess the spray paint makes? It was like a scene from American psycho 😉 But I am really excited of all the new possibilities with this type of paint. If you master using spray paint (and you will just learn from my mistake and watch a few youtube videos first if it is your first time) you will get a beautiful and even surface plus an interesting variety of colours. I would say try it out. Even just for the fun of it for a small art and craft project.

So for my bar cart I did an IKEA hack with the Sunnersta kitchen trolley. It is made out of white plastic that looks quite cheap but with a bit of DIY skills you can easily paint it in a much more interesting colour. I went for rose gold but you could pick any colour you fancy. Other IKEA hackers recommend you wait with assembling the piece until after you have painted it. It makes sense but at the end I assembled the piece and used the spray paint for all the small places I had left out. It was so much easier and didn’t waste as much paint in the process. If you are not painting the shelves (you can use for example marble contact paper) you would of course not assemble the piece first not matter what.

After you have made the choice of whether to assemble your piece or not you clean it with a damp cloth and let it fully dry. Then you use your primer (1 or 2 coats) and leave the suggested time in between. You can see this on the information on the back of your aerosol.

1. Sunnersta kitchen trolley, IKEA, 199 kr, £22, $29.99 DK UK US
2. Krylon Rose Gold ColorMaster Spray Paint & Primer, $5.99 US
3. Rust-Oleum Spray Paint Metallic Rose Gold, £9.49 UK
4. Rust-Oleum Surface Primer, £9.49 UK
5. Dupli-color Effect Copper Paint, 119.95 kr.  DK
6. Dupli-color Basic Primer for Plastic, Clear, 79.95 kr.  DK (I would recommend this rather than the universal primer that I used)

– Bonus info for the Rust-Oleum paint – watch this IKEA hack: Video (I definitely want to try this out one day).

IKEA Hack: Rose Gold Shelves

I have decided that I am so not giving up on this spray paint thing though. I would love to do shelves, a stool or a small coffee table. I have a much better idea on how to use the spray paint now after having made almost all the mistakes possible. I’ll go buy more plastic to cover my front room (or pray that the weather will turn better soon so I can go outside). I have some gold spray paint ready and I can’t wait to use it! If anyone reading this is quite the pro at spray paint and have some good advice for me please do share, thanks.

Wishing you all an amazing New Years Eve. This is the night where you are more than allowed to put on your dancing shoes and not stop until dawn. It is the highlight of sparkly, glitter & glamour and I absolutely love it all! Let’s raise a glass of champagne and welcome the year of 2018.

Lots of love,


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