Plant Stand Makeover & Adding some Love and Warmth to the Cold, Winter Months

Posted on January 15, 2018

Hello to all you wonderful people. I am sitting here at my kitchen table looking out on the snow slowly, falling reminding me of the predicted snow storm forecast in a few days time. It certainly is January around here. It is icy cold in this little part of the world (Denmark) where I live. Which brings me on to my latest project: upcycling a plant stand and bringing some love & warmth into my living room. Who says it has to be winter outside as well as inside?

I bought the plant stand for 60 Danish Kroner/£7 €8/$10 and it looked quite bland when I got it at the thrift store. But all I saw was lots of possibilities and ways in which to change its appearance. It was like a blank canvas. It actually stood in my hallway for ages because I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it. Should I stain it? Use chalk paint like I did for most of my projects? And what colour? I finally chose (inspired by a lovely IG friend writing to me about it) to go for an oil-based paint in a silky matte. Apart from my spray paint project this is the first time I have ventured outside my regular chalk paint domain. And was I amazed by the result! I absolutely adore chalk paint but for this plant stand it needed just that tiny bit of shine, as in almost a soft velvet feel to it. Something nurturing and warm.

Plants have been part of my life ever since I got sick a year and a bit ago (this is a story for another time but I am much better now). Plants have healing capabilities, both for the body and mind which in my world is correlated. Plants clean the air and it is proven they improve well-being both in the work place as well as home. If you don’t have a green thumb faux flowers and plants might not  necessarily clean the air in your home but it could soothe your mind.

I have been on the lookout for plant stands for a long time but just didn’t seem to be able to find the right one. You know that feeling you get when you come by a piece of furniture and it is just right? This one had exactly the majestic shape I was looking for. A hanging plant would have been great for this one as well but for now I went with a green Peperomia Nevada plant and a purple Peperomia plant (just be careful not to overwater this type of succulent). I was thinking the two could swap seats once in a while.

For the actual makeover I first gave the plant stand a good clean with a damp cloth and then did one coat of primer. I had never used paint primer (apart for my spray paint project) before but it was quite easy to apply. They recommend you do one or two coats. I suggest you always read the label on the paint to see what is needed for your particular paint. I didn’t do any sanding but for the best result you can sand between coats for an even smoother surface.

So this was the plant stand when I had just started using the primer and was painting it upside down.

I let it dry for 12 hours before applying the first coat of the oil-based paint. For the top and bottom part it only needed two coats of paint, although, for the middle, tricky part of the plant stand, it needed three. It was three thin coats though as I was conscious of not getting too much paint inside the beautiful cut-out lines of the wood. I waited the recommended 8 hours between each coat and it left a flawless finish (besides the natural contours of the wood that was already there of course) So here you got the finished result of the makeover:

These last few months I have been in love with soft, subdued and dusty colours. Colours that are “loud” in a quieter way and very much present in the room at the same time as being calming and soothing.

What you’ll need:

Paint brushes of your choice – preferably in a few different sizes. I suggest at least a 25mm and 35mm brush.
Paint primer.
Acrylic or oil paint – your choice of colour.

  1. 1. Jotun Kvist- Kvist- og sperregrunning (the primer) – 159.95 kr. DK
    2. Lady Supreme Finish 15 in the colour Warm Blush – 249.95 kr. DK
    3. Colour: Warm Blush
    4. Dulux White Primer and Undercoat- £11 UK
    5. Dulux Copper Blush Silk Emulsion Paint – £14 UK
    6. Benjamin Moore paint, Regal®Select Interior Color, silk, in the colour Mesa Peach – $24.99 per quart US
    – Benjamin Moore Regal paint seems to have a built-in primer. However, I have seen some disagreement on this one in forums so please make sure to check with your local shop if primer is needed.

    The good thing about a plant stand is also that it doesn’t always have to be used for plants. Here I used it for serving pink “flødeboller” (in Danish) = chocolate covered marshmallows.

This plant stand makeover was a fun and easy project, although some time consuming with having to wait in between coats for drying if you are used to chalk paint. After I started painting my own furniture I have actually noticed just how few colours there are to choose from in the furniture shops. This should be a really, big incentive for you to get your paint brushes out and creating your own unique pieces of furniture – whether it is something brand new or vintage.

Wishing you all good luck with your future painting projects and thanks so much for reading my post. You are such sweethearts you guys.

Lots of love,


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