Self Love & Moms be Kind to Yourselves this Christmas

Posted on December 20, 2017

Today I will put aside my great passion of home decor and plants and for a second focus on a subject very close to my heart, self love for moms. Christmas can be a busy and hectic season, especially for moms.

To me moms are this almost superhuman race that fixes everything. At the age of 33 I still call my mom if I am struggling with something. I feel like moms give so much and sometimes forget to take care of themselves. You have to remember you can’t keep being this superwoman if you don’t take time to recharge your batteries. As a mom I learned this the hard way. So please promise me you will all take good care of yourself especially this busy time before Christmas. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Your kids will love you just as much if the floors aren’t squeaky clean. Even if you burn the duck – just laugh about it – you still have your wonderful family.

Your family could consist of just you and your child or maybe it is the traditional nuclear family or perhaps even a small football team. It is your family and I promise you, all of you moms, you are doing REALLY well. Even if you doubt yourself. It is natural thing to do and if you are worrying about being a good mom I can honestly tell you that just the doubt in itself means you ARE an amazing mom. Because it shows you truly care.

So today when I went to get some last minute Christmas gifts I also bought some things just for me! I wanted to pamper the girl in me. I can’t even remember the last time she got any attention. So it was very much needed. Here are some of the things that I brought home:

Apart from nail polish, self-tan and flowers (who says a girl can’t buy herself flowers) I also bought hair dye and an Elle Decoration magazine. The festive fruit cake from Fortnum & Mason was a gift from work.

On a slightly less pamper yourself note I want to talk about self doubt. I have struggled with a lot of self doubt for years and I felt like my biggest weakness was being a mom. What was I doing wrong? Why couldn’t my child behave just as well as “all the others”? I found out this year that there was a reason for my child’s struggles. I will make a blog post about this particular subject later. But I also want to stress that sometimes children just misbehaves for no particular reason, adults do too. And even though it seems all the other mothers got it all down – I promise you things might be different if you ask them. Beautiful posts on social media makes one believe everyone else has perfect lives. But it is often heavily edited – as in the bad ones are taken out. The tantrums don’t get media time. However, I see a new generation of blogger moms starting to change this. And I’m proud of you.

Ideas for some self love & me time on a budget:

1. “Be Kind” Stainless Steel Mug, Om & Ah London, US (worldwide delivery – change currency for GBP and Euro)
2. Maxfactor Glossfinity in the colour “cute coral” DK UK US
3. Elle Decoration magazine DK UK US
4. Castin Créme Gloss in the colour Amber, L’oréal Paris DK UK US (for US alternative: Revlon, True Auburn)
5. Daily Greatness journal, Daily Greatness UK US
6. St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse, DK UK US

I notice so many amazing mothers out there. I am in completely awe sometimes. And if you are one of the mothers from the super marked with the child throwing a huge tantrum in the middle aisle. Know that I wanted to go and give you a big hug. Because I have been just where you are. I sometimes still am. If someone seems to give you a judgy look it is just because they don’t know. As in it could be they don’t know how it feels to have children at all, perhaps they don’t know your situation or their children have left the nest and they have forgotten. It is the lack of knowledge that brought on that reaction so you just keep walking tall girl. Because you know that you are doing your best under your particular circumstances. I believe in you and I know too!

So keep up all the good work moms (you are my heroes – let me in on your secrets some day) and remember to take a break once in a while. You deserve it!

Now back to the festive season and make room in your busy schedule for a hot drink.

Lots of love,


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