Soothing, Simple and Sandy Winter Wonderland

Posted on December 3, 2017

Happy December everyone. Hope you are having an amazing day of rest and remember to take good care of yourself. That you are feeding your soul with all kinds of delicious Christmassy things like joy, fun and laughter.

Today it is tradition in Denmark to light the first candle in our advent wreath (one is lit every Sunday four weeks before Christmas). It brings back memories from my childhood when my mum used to turn our house into this magical and sparkling place. It was as though it happened over night, one day it was a normal, boring day and the next there would be candles and decorations filling the house with its happiness. But if you are not there yet, in the Winter Wonderland mood I mean, know that I have also been in this place with you many years. Most of my adult years to be exact. For some people it change when they have kids, others when they find their ideal partners and sometimes it takes self-love and becoming your authentic self to appreciate these traditions of ours (or just have fun hanging out with family or good friends – nothing wrong with not jumping on the Christmas bandwagon). I have to say I used to be the least traditional person out there. And that is perfectly okay. Although this year and last year as well I am embracing the holiday spirit and letting myself be happy and content with the holidays.

So this week I started painting the round table that has been standing in our tiny hallway for probably like a month and bothered the hell out of my boyfriend. Lucky me he is such a lovely and patient person and lets me make a mess with all my creative doings. The deep, reddish brown colour is definitely not a favorite colour of mine and I felt like a soft and neutral colour would really exaggerate the beautiful round lines of the table. I decided on a colour I have used before and been quite pleased with “Antique Sand”. This earthy colour makes me feel like I am home, like in truly home surrounded by nature and I can almost hear the sound of the waves in the background as they slowly bring me into a meditative state. As they bring me home. I guess you could say I am continuing my beachy Christmas theme from earlier on. See previous post here.

Growing up in Denmark I have been quite influenced by the Scandinavian minimalist style with its clean “lines” and sparse colour palette.  However, my personality can be a bit “want to try it all” so I have branched out and fell in love with a mixture of the bohemian, farmhouse, coastal and extremely colourful style (so probably quite eclectic). I hope you don’t mind my playful side. It’s the artist in me who gets caught up in all kinds of crazy ideas. Let’s go back to the very understanding boyfriend for a second who once suddenly had to drive me to Bauhaus (Danish DIY shop) and get two very heavy concrete blocks because I had found this picture on Pinterest of shelves made out of it. However, back to the matter of hand.  I started out this project thinking the table should be filled with lots of stuff and it actually ended up quite simple (or Danish you could say) to my surprise. Back to the roots for me I guess.

What the table looked like before:

The table was in such a good condition that I only had to clean it and then after two coats of paint and some clear wax it was finished. My Winter Wonderland is a more soothing and simple version than the loud, red and crowded one. Although I totally dig the reindeer on the roof and tons of Christmas lights from some of my favorite Christmas movies. I just felt like this was right for me for this particular setup. So I am choosing the peaceful and natural one. For now. Who knows what will happen in my next projects before Christmas. Only time will tell.

For the table arrangement I chose a secondhand pitcher and used it as a vase. I filled it with gypsophilas to give it a nice retro and light, flowery feel. The small Christmas decoration was a simple one with just the two blue candles, some gold Christmas ornaments, “dried garnish roses” (if anyone knows what they are called please do tell) and off-white lace, ribbon matching the shade of the table. I was going for beach and sea colours with a hint of gold. The necklace wrapped around the pitcher is actually mine. I felt like the pitcher needed a bit of sparkle and personality The only downside is that my lovely cinnamon sticks unfortunately didn’t make it for the final cut but I am sure they will make an special appearance some time before Christmas. I love all things cinnamon and really appreciate it being so popular around Christmas. Lucky me.

I am very excited to see what you all have chosen to be your Christmas theme this year. My advice is as long as it is right for you don’t care what the neighbors think. Have Christmas (or the lack thereof) your way! Go as crazy as you want. And above all remember to have fun.

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