Special Someone

Posted on April 30, 2018

Sometimes it happens that someone comes into your life and changes it all for the better. With no expectations. He is just there for you. Even when things get tough and you show your worst sides possible. Even when one morning you can’t even master the energy of simply getting out of bed. He just  lies down in the bed with you, holding you. When it feels like all hope is gone. He stays with you. Through it all. I met that someone 2 years and 1 month. My special someone.

So I have been quiet on the blog lately spending all my free time with my lovely family and healing the aftermaths of having a depression, stress and anxiety. I am also working my way back to a normal hour work week. Although, luckily, I am still getting inspired by interior design and home decor. I also have exciting projects waiting for me when I feel ready for it. Been missing my paint brush.

We actually went on such a  lovely inspiration hunt/ coffee date yesterday. I didn’t manage to catch the exhibition on urban art as hoped because the art gallery was closed on Sundays. However, I did some art browsing online and will be going soon (see painting below in “Sunday Inspiration”).

Oh, and I got myself a new plant friend. A cute, small one.

Sunday Inspiration:

1. Lerici armchair, ILVA DK SE

2. Mostra display cabinet, ILVA, DK SE

3. Robert Proch, Soft Smell, Gallery KIRK, Denmark DK Gallery – Artist website

Lately I have realised that 5 years from now I don’t know where I will be living, as in city or type of housing (apartment, house) and I don’t know if my brown-eyed boy will be a big brother. Or if a cute Shih Tzu dog will be living with us like we plan to. And I am not sure exactly what profession I will go into either. The world is open. So many opportunities. It is scary and exciting at the same time.

But what I do know is that today I feel lucky and grateful.

Today I feel blessed.

Lots of love,


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